Exeter, september 2012.

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ccasualty said: omg okay so your e&p collage is the first one i've seen with an eleanor that meets my vision of her. who is the girl in that!>!>! the one where at the bottom shes crying

It’s Juno Temple. She looks different now, but she had the red curly hair in Atonement. :)


Check out the full book haul post at Stay Bookish!


Check out the full book haul post at Stay Bookish!

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A town known as the “town of books”, Hay-on-Wye is located on the Welsh / English border in the United Kingdom and is a bibliophile’s sanctuary.


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look me in the eyes and tell me that if the character you hold near and dear to your heart knocked on your window in the middle of the night and said “drop everything and come with me” you wouldn’t do it you know you fucking would

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released seven years ago - July 21, 2007.

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can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

Why does this pug actually look like a dad

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